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J-Vens (Ti mamoun) n’est plus.- Il a rendu l’ame aujourd’hui apres,,,


To whom it may concern – – If you’re thinking about starting or expanding your business, getting funding is essential. ADIEU #J_VENS — TONYMIX🇭🇹 (@Tonymixhaiti) 15 avril 2017 However, it can be overwhelming to figure out where you should apply and what type of loan is the best fit for …

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In order to satisfy the legal requirement of cause, a plaintiff must show that the defendant’s negligent actions were both the actual cause and proximate cause of the injury or damage suffered.  Cause can be fairly difficult to prove because there can be any number of factors that lead to …

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If you have suffered an injury in a slip and fall accident, a car accident, or any other incident that involves another person rather than a government or business you may have a legitimate concern about collecting the money you are awarded.  Collecting money after a personal injury judgment can …

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Les explications de Jean Henry Ceant apres avoir visite le senateur elu Guy Philippe (regardez la video…)


Pemetrexed can improve the quality of life and prolong the survival of people suffering from asbestos-related cancer; however, it is only effective in about 40% of patients. Patients being treated with pemetrexed are also at risk for serious side effects. Pemetrexed is highly toxic; therefore, it can only be given …

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As a lawyer, you may represent clients in court,


What Is a Lawyer? As a lawyer, you may represent clients in court, or you may offer legal advice regarding personal and business affairs. Either way, your job involves researching laws and judicial decisions that you can apply to a client’s particular situation. You may choose to specialize in a …

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Avoiding Exposure to Asbestos, how to prevent that


Avoiding Exposure to Asbestos, how to prevent that Avoiding Exposure to Asbestos Nobody wants to be exposed to asbestos, we all are aware now of the effects it has on our health. If you own a home built during that era, and many do, before you start any project you …

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