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Johnny Depp is disgusted by the actors ‘make music’

Located at the premiere of his new film, « Mortdecai » Depp said he is disgusted by the idea of ​​you using success as an actor you have to expand your popularity in other areas. Although on several occasions flirted with the music, he stressed the difference between having various passions and exploit a favorable environment to promote yourself.

Johnny Depp spoke at a press conference in Berlin about actors who apparently « do music ». Depp was declared without reservation, disgusted by those who profit from the success in acting to promote musical projects.
« Luxury some in the industry is this: if you have reached a certain level in acting and have little ear for music can you make a band and to expand your success in other areas. But I hate that idea. << Come to Me see playing the guitar because I’ve seen in 12 films. >> it should not be that way. you want people who listen to your music to be interested only in music, « he said, adding: » the whole idea disgusts me , always disgusted me.  »

Johnny Depp loves playing music, being known collaborations with Oasis or Marilyn Manson. However, no plans to form a band.
« I was fortunate to sing on albums of friends and I think there will be cooperation. Music is still a part of my life. But you will not hear the group The Band Johnny Depp. That will not happen again. »

Even if « Johnny Depp’s band » There will never, fans can enjoy his appearances unannounced concerts by musicians sounding like Alice Cooper or Steven Tyler. Memorable without being promoted, for instance, it was backed by surprise when Cooper, Manson and Depp Tyler on a high school theater stage. The 4 performed a Beatles cover, the benefit being captured in a recording made in public.

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